Chairman Message

“I am pleased to introduce our social organisation, “Victora Foundation” to you. 

Our foundation has been established embedding a strong commitment towards society for the betterment of underprivileged and oppressed people, who are in dire need of our attention and deserve our support. It is a non-political and completely Charitable Trust with the single aim of upliftment of underprivileged people.

In our 10-year journey, we have accomplished several milestones, impacting the lives of the needy, with continued efforts to achieve better results. It has been an enlightening past and a promising future that beckons us in the Victora family. It feels like no goal is unattainable.  It’s our endeavour to reach out to as many underprivileged people, who can utilize the opportunity through various training and education programmes, conducted by our Organisation.I believe that every charitable work is a step closer to humanity and a step towards God. For me, charity starts with the sense of responsibility as a part of the global community, continues through the health, happiness, and comfort it brings upon fellow human beings.I also believe, if we were to correct only two things in the world, the rest of the problems would take care of themselves, which is Health and Education. The foundation of a fulfilled life lies within good health, and once we are healthy, we only need to have a proper education to help us lead a fulfilled life.

Somewhere, I met with the epitaph on a charitable man who has inspired me, Though I cannot recollect the words, but here is the gist of it; “What I spent I lost; what I possessed is left to others; what I gave away remains with me.”

I thank each and everyone that is associated with Victora Foundation’s mission and has had a meaningful impact on the lives of the underprivileged section of society.

Empowering communities by creating sustainable opportunities and platforms for the underprivileged by promoting inclusive growth which is Sustainable and Socially Uplifting, in a comprehensive manner, is our key goal.”


Hardeep Singh Banga

Chairman, Victora Foundation


Mr. Hardeep Singh Banga

Chairman, Victora Foundation