Education is one of the most effective means to bring about a change in society.

Education begins when a child is provided with the opportunity to attend school. This act sets things in motion.

Unfortunately, education is still a priviledge that thousands of children in our country lack. Unable to sign their own names, they are at a loss of identity in this cut throat world.

Furthermore, numerous underprivileged children between the ages of 11 to 14 years are extremely vulnerable to dropping out of schools. The chances of this increase owing to their parents constantly moving locations. Victora Foundation has taken steps to address this concern.

We initiated the cause by extending support to a few ground level NGOs like ABLE Charities and Prayas Social Welfare Society, Faridabad.

Able Charities:
Since April of 2015, Victora Foundation has been supporting ABLE Charities to accomplish their goal of providing basic skills like reading, writing and speaking, to about 500 children from the slums of Faridabad.

This project has led to an increase of 80% in student retention in their centres, a visible change in their food habits and other social etiquettes. A positive change we highly appreciate is that in the mindset of the parents of these children, wherein they have been sensitized towards the concept and value of education. Sessions are conducted that have imparted awareness on topics such as keeping daughters in school as opposed to them helping around the house all day, and also the importance of educating their son instead of sending him out to work as a minor.

Prayas Social Welfare Society:
Since April of 2014, Victora Foundation has extended monetary support to Prayas, by aiding in providing books, bags and regular tuition fees for after school programs, for about 200 children every year.

“There are two education one should teach us how to make living and other how to live”