About Victora Foundation


Essentially, public charitable trusts support non-profit organizations implement developmental programs in the areas of health, education and livelihood. Established in August of 2015, Victora Foundation (VF) has aided the conceptualization of programs that are aimed at improving the quality of life of underprivileged communities.

From grassroots to national-level programmes, Victora Foundation possesses an all encapsulating approach towards the betterment of these communities. The last decade has witnessed successful funding of over 5 NGOs in 2 states, benefitting over 10,000 under-privileged children in respective capacities.  

History of the Organisation

Victora Foundation is an extension of an established organization, Victora Auto Pvt. Ltd. Having reached a successful mark, the chairperson of Victora Auto expressed his desire to address the various developmental challenges faced by the underprivileged communities, and an urge to positively contribute to this cause. After a series of discussions and reflecting on the way ahead, it was concluded that the foundation’s core focus would be providing education and skill development, as that in turn aids sustainability.
The conceptualization of Victora Foundation was implemented in 2 phases.

Phase I: 2010-2015

The decision to focus on education and skill development was locked in. Victora Foundation commenced efforts by supporting various NGOs working in the same field.

The experience gathered and knowledge gained from working in the industry for 6 years, was collectively used to form the organizing principles of Victora Foundation. We believe that if education has to fulfil its transformative power in our society, then it has to be a constant and continuous endeavour. Secondly, education becomes result-oriented only when it converts into a sustainable livelihood. The most important implication of these learnings was that the work of the Foundation had to be organized into institutions, as institutions are permanent in nature.

Phase II: 2015 – Today

Victora Foundation registered itself as a trust, a permanent entity working towards the betterment of society.

Credibility and accountability have always been the bench mark for the Victora Group and our foundation works on the same ethics. Working on the pillars of education and livelihood, our program has holistically enriched the lives of those we have served.

The learnings we gained from the first phase by working on the ground were consolidated to form the organizing principles of our current entity. In this phase, vocational training and structuring of sustainable livelihood has been taken up actively, followed by capacity building programs. Efforts have been made to make all the associated beneficiaries self-reliant.

Victoria Foundation takes pride in working with all sections of society, selecting projects with extreme care, and working in areas that are often overlooked by society at large.