Success Stories

The story of Mamata

Ms. Mamata comes from a very poor family.She got married at the age of 17 and become a mother at 18. Her aspiration to study drove her to pursue studies after her marriage and managed to pass intermediate (12th Class) in very odd circumstances. According to Mamata, her father was a daily wager and he thought her marriage was the best way to get rid of his girl child. But sometimes in order for destiny to work, it first tests you in hard ways. The same happened in Mamata’s life. She got married to an abusive husband who beat her almost every day in order to take out his frustration. The abuse reached to a level that crossed all boundaries when one day he beat her and then left her in her native place saying he was no longer in a mood to keep her anymore.

Mamata’s own family was not financially sound and keeping her in the house was unacceptable according to her father. Her luck, or lack thereof, exposed her to the outside world, forcing her to live her life in fear and mercy all the time. She was helpless and was in no state to think about her life in any way except to survive. One day someone informed her about the Victora Vocational Training Program and she found the courage to move out and enrol herself in the April 2019 session of our centre in Bupani. Her will to succeed and regain self-belief made her disciplined towards the expectations of the course and she completed the full training within six months without a missing a single day of her classes. Her understanding of the work and implementing it in her real life started to improveher situation. Soon she joined part time with a tailor to increase her learning and by this time, she now understood the value of herself out in the world and the independence of being self-reliant. In addition to this, she participated in our different capacity building programs which helped her to start thinking and discussing the importance of being self-reliant and other important issues such as health, nutrition, education and personal hygiene. Gradually, she felt an improvement in her personal life.

Mamata got the course completion certificate on 7th Dec 2019, after which she started taking suit and stitching work at home. Simultaneously, she started attending more exposure training-internship programs at a high-end boutique in Sector-15, Faridabad. All while doing a part time job as a helper. Over all today she is a busy, happy, and healthy woman, who has a completely changed her life.

It is really heartening to meet girls like Mamata who are in process of becoming independent, self-reliant and want to live a dignified lifethey make for themselves.

Mrs. Mamata